Sore Throat Remedies: Caring for a Loved One


When a family member is suffering with a sore throat, it is often easy to pass it off and expect them to get on with taking care of themselves – but this isn’t always possible. Take a look at our top tips on how to take care of someone with a sore throat.

  1. Steam Up!

Inhaling steam helps to keep the nose and throat moist. To facilitate this, you can use a humidifier – this releases additional moisture into the air and is particularly helpful at night-time. If you or your loved one do not own a humidifier - not to worry. You can make use of the steam from a hot bath. Help your loved one by gently placing a towel over their head and holding their face over the hot water. Ask them to take deep breaths through their nose for a few minutes, and repeat this process as many times as required.

  1. Gargle Salt Water

This one is highly recommended. Numerous studies suggest doing this multiple times a day to help ease the discomfort and remove bacteria. Pour half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and gargle at least once every hour.

  1. Get Some Rest

This is perhaps one of the most important things you can enforce – however, your loved one might be looking for a quick fix, making this one of the more difficult tips to implement. This is important because cold viruses are responsible for 85% to 95% of adult sore throats and with this in mind, their body needs to be well-rested to combat the virus that may have caused the sore throat in the first place.

  1. Keep Hydrated

Preventing dehydration is crucial - especially with an inflamed throat. Encourage your loved one to sip regularly by keeping some drinks close by. What to drink is your choice, you can never go wrong with water, but you can also feel free to get some teas, fruit or vegetable smoothies, and soups. Make sure nothing is too hot or too cold as this could further irritate the throat.

  1. No Caffeine or Alcohol

This one should go without saying but many are convinced that alcohol cleanses the throat. This is just a myth. As tempting as it may be to give your loved one what they ask for, you need to say no to both alcohol and caffeine as they are likely to agitate a sore throat.

  1. No Smoking

Cigarette smoke is just as harmful to your loved one’s throat as it is to any other part of their body. The heat from cigarettes leaves a throat dry which gives rise to the inflammation. Kindly tell those that smoke not to do so in the house, especially not while your loved one still has a sore throat.

  1. Treats

Get some marshmallows! The gelatin in Marshmallows is purported to be very helpful in soothing and protecting the throat from infection so go forth and purchase that bag of marshmallows you (and your loved one of course) love.

  1. Take medicated throat lozenges

To aid in a speedy recovery, try the Strepsils Numbing Lozenges. They are a very efficient and fast-acting solution for a sore throat sufferer. These lozenges not only have the antiseptic properties to help fight bacterial throat infections but they also contain anaesthetic properties, which will numb the affected area and provide your loved one with quick relief from a painful sore throat.

  1. Take care of yourself

It’s all well and good stepping up to help a loved one get back to full health, but do not do this to the detriment of your wellbeing. Be sure to wash your hands often and keep the room or house ventilated. Take care of yourself and enhance your own body's defences against a viral infection with these tips on how to prevent a sore throat.