Sore Throat Remedies to Help You Through the Day


We’ve all been there. Tingling sensation when you swallow and scratchy feeling in your throat keeps you awake at night. You know exactly what it is… you’re getting a sore throat. Whether it was a late night or the onslaught of a sudden cold during the day, your throat could be bothering you all day. WE are here to help you how to rid yourself of it quickly.

Take a look at our new video illustrating the 24 hours of a sore throat. It introduce the symptoms during the night and day and provides you with the best ways of treating the sore throat.

Here are a few valuable tips and sore throat remedies you can use throughout the day:

Eat a balanced diet

Make sure you’re eating enough nutritious foods that have the right vitamins and minerals in order to strengthen your immune system.

Be mindful of your surroundings

Throughout the day, changes in the environment, such as smoke or temperature, can irritate a throat. Stay clear from smoking cigarettes, and be cautious of the change in temperature. If it’s going to be hot outside, don’t forget to drink even more.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water during the day helps you stay hydrated and soothes an uncomfortable sore throat. Drinking warm beverages, such as tea, also helps relax the throat. Just make sure the drink isn’t too hot because hot drinks have the tendency to cause further inflammation. It also pays to employ home-made remedies such as gargling salty water.

Steam before slumber

Steamy showers or using a humidifier before bed can help ease the pain and help you get ready for a good night’s sleep. Humidifiers or vaporisers release moisture into the air which can contribute to reducing the soreness of your throat. However, a contaminated humidifier can have adverse effects on you. Be sure to clean and disinfect your humidifier regularly to get rid of germs.

Get some rest

Finally, getting sleep is among the best remedies for fighting a sore throat. Sleeping helps you manage stress and boosts your mood and your immune system. White blood cells fight off infections that cause sore throats and other related head colds; less sleep can compromise the levels of white blood cells]. Getting adequate rest is essential when fighting against sore throats – except, there’s one problem.

Take Strefen Direct Spray

When you have a sore throat, getting ANY sleep at night seems impossible. Try Strefen Direct Spray for getting quick sore throat relief at day and night. It targets the pain fast and provides up to 6 hours of sustained relief. With the flurbiprofen active ingredient it is clinically proven to fight the inflammation which causes the pain and swelling.

This pocket-sized spray is easy and quick to apply when looking for an effective sore throat remedy.

It effectively stops your sore throat to help you find a restful sleep at night and to carry on with your day without the pain holding you back.  

There’s no way to know when you’ll have a sore throat. They strike without warning so when they do, it’s best to be prepared for them. Should the symptoms persist, be sure to contact a doctor or pharmacist. Click here to watch our video about why a sore throat is so painful and what inflammation is.