Top Tips to Fight Throat Pain


These days we are living in a 24/7 world. With many of us taking work home, we sometimes lack the time to rest and get a good night’s sleep. In addition to this, every once in a while, a painful sore throat comes along, and without any regard for your pending deadlines or commitments and they most often last for a whole week. 

An upper respiratory infection caused by a virus or bacteria can lead to inflammation in the throat. In case your symptoms persist and worsen over a longer period of time, visit your doctor. Try out our top tips below to help fight your throat pain:

Get plenty of rest

As tempting as leaving your house in pursuit of a quick fix in the form of medication may seem, one of the most recommended tips is sleep. Sleep not only helps to boost your mood, but it also strengthens your immune system. A study highlighted the lack of sleep over other factors in determining one’s tendency to contract an illness after they are exposed to the cold virus. Did you know that those who sleep for less than six hours are four times more likely to get a cold than those who sleep for seven hours or more? It is amazing what an extra hour of sleep will do for the body!

Avoid food or drink that is too hot

Stay away from food that is too hot or spicy and stick to warm or drinks that won’t burn your throat. The heat from food and drinks that are too hot can further irritate your throat and cause more pain.

Avoid smoky and polluted environments

Airborne irritants can dry out and irritate your throat. While you are beating a sore throat, you should make your house a no-smoking zone. Particles from second-hand smoke can get trapped in mucus at the back of your throat, causing further irritation. The heat from cigarettes can also dry out your throat, which is the last thing you want in the fight against throat pain.

Don’t shout or talk too much

It is best to refrain from using your voice throughout the day. Talking and forcing your voice will only cause more strain and hoarseness. Like many other ailments, try to rest the source of the pain and although you may not see dramatic improvements, you are preventing things getting any worse.

Take anti-inflammatory medicine

Throughout the day, you can treat your symptoms with the Strefen lozenges or spray which relieves the pain and fights the inflammation, which causes the pain. They soothe fast and lasts long, lozenges up to 4 and the spray up to 6 hours.


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