Swab Test

Swab away the doubt

Where to find your Superdrug Pharmacy?

We have partnered with all Superdrug Pharmacies across to the country to offer a free throat consultation.
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What to expect at your Superdrug Pharmacy

The short 10-minute sore throat consultation will involve the following stages:

  1. The Pharmacist will take you through a questionnaire relating to your symptoms and will look at the back of your throat for any signs of inflammation
  2. If the Pharmacist suspect that you may have a bacterial infection and require antibiotics, they will then complete a simple and pain free swab test on the back of the throat
  3. After 5 minutes, the swab test will reveal whether you are suffering with bacterial infection. Please note: The Swab Test is for Strep A which is the most common bacterial cause of sore throat2

What if the result is positive?

If the swab test result is positive and you require antibiotics, the pharmacist will recommend that you speak to your GP.

However, you can manage your symptoms in the meantime.

What if the result is negative?

If the swab test result is negative and you don’t require antibiotics, the pharmacist will recommend alternative treatment options to help alleviate some of the symptoms being experienced

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