How to help a sore throat at night

A good night’s rest is important for your health, protecting you physically and mentally as well as boosting your quality of life,1 but, sleeping isn’t always easy if you’re struggling with throat pain.

Throat dryness and pain, or coughing that causes a sore throat, can get in the way of a good night’s sleep which makes it difficult to recover for the next day.

You shouldn’t have to suffer any longer, therefore we provide below our top treatment tips for how you may be able to sleep better with a sore throat at night.

1. Have a steam inhalation before you go to bed

    Inhaling steam from bowl of hot water can help ease symptoms of a sore throat in adults (best not do this with children though as it can lead to scalding). Adding some drops of menthol or eucalyptus oil can also help.

    2. Sip water and avoid hot drinks

      Regularly drinking water can help keep your throat moist and lubricated. Tempting though it may be to have a hot drink before bed to help you sleep, these can make sore throat pain worse.  A better bet is to gargle with salty water, though it’s not so pleasant-tasting.

      On your quest for the all-important good night’s sleep, a little nightcap may sound like a good idea. Unfortunately, for some people, alcohol can be the cause of their sore throat and it’s also not recommended by sleep experts. So it might be best to avoid in case it turns your peaceful slumber into constant restlessness.

      3. Try medicated remedies

        Over-the-counter products such as Strefen Lemon and Honey Lozenges can help provide soothe your throat to help you drift off to sleep. Strefen contains the active medical ingredient flurbiprofen to relieve the pain fast, fight inflammation and can ease sore throats for up to 4 hours, to help you get a peaceful night’s sleep.  

        4. Turn off your phone before you tuck in

          Our modern obsession with electronic devices can, unfortunately, contribute to problems with sleep. If you couple that with a sore throat, it can be tough to drift off. When your head hits the pillows, remind yourself that it’s time to wind down. Ideally, try not to use devices for a couple of hours before bedtime. Put your smartphone and laptop to the side, and allow your cosy bed and warm blankets to take you off to your slumber.

          5. Organise your bedside table and be prepared

            Organise your bedside table and be prepared. Keep water and medicated lozenges on your bedside table to help soothe your throat.

            6. Build a wind-down routine

              SBuild a wind-down routine to help you improve your sleep. We highly recommend going about your nightly ritual so that you can find some tranquil routine before a good rest at night.

              7. Raise the top of your mattress to an incline

                Sleeping on an incline can help you breathe easier and help clear mucus, which drip down the back of your throat and cause irritation. Rather than propping yourself up by using pillows, raise the head of your bed.

                8. Add some extra moisture into the air

                  Humidifiers are great bedtime buddies. Run one of these throughout the night to release moisture into the air.

                  It’s important to note that humidity levels must be monitored closely, properly maintained, disinfected, and cleaned. As useful as they are, humidifiers can quickly become a breeding ground for germs, and can have adverse effects on your health if the humidity in your room is too high.

                  9. Keep the bed clean

                    Wash your sheets and bedding in hot water weekly. Allergens, including dust mites can often lurk in your bed. Droppings from these microscopic pests can make your throat itchy, especially if you struggle with allergies.

                    Nursing a sore throat when you’re trying to get some rest can be incredibly annoying. Apply these tips above to help get the restful sleep your body needs.

                    Should your symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

                    This information is not intended to diagnose, in case of any doubt please consult your pharmacist or GP.

                    Strefen Honey and Lemon

                    Contain Flurbiprofen. For sore throat. Always read the label.


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