Sore throat remedies to help you through the day

We’ve all been there. That scratchy feeling in your throat that can even keep you awake at night could mean that you're getting a sore throat. We are here to help you treat it quickly and effectively.

Here are a few valuable tips and sore throat remedies you can use throughout the day:

Ask your pharmacist for Strefen Lemon and Honey Lozenges

When you have a sore throat, getting a good night’s rest at night might seem difficult. Try Strefen Honey and Lemon Lozenges for quick sore throat relief. It targets the pain fast and provides up to 4 hours of relief. With the active ingredient flurbiprofen it is clinically proven to reduce pain and the feeling of a swollen throat.

It helps tackle your sore throat so you can get a restful sleep at night or carry on with your day.

Eat a balanced diet

Make sure you're eating enough nutritious foods that have the right vitamins and minerals in order to maintain your immune system. What you may not realise is that, when you have an infection, your body's demand for nutrients increases.

Be mindful of your surroundings

Throughout the day, changes in the environment, such as smoky areas or dry air can irritate a throat. Stay clear from smoking cigarettes, and be cautious of the change in temperature.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water during the day helps you stay hydrated and can soothe an uncomfortable sore throat. Avoid hot drinks though as these can irritate your throat. Sucking on ice cubes or ice lollies can also be soothing and hydrating. It also pays to employ home-made remedies such as gargling salty water. If it’s going to be hot outside, don’t forget to hydrate even more.

Steam before slumber

Using a humidifier before bed can help put moisture into the air and help you get ready for a good night’s sleep.  Alternatively, adults can inhale steam from a bowl of hot water – adding menthol or eucalyptus drops can help too. However, a contaminated humidifier can have adverse effects on you. Be sure to clean and disinfect your humidifier regularly to get rid of germs. For a convenient way to soothe your sore throat day or night, you can also try a spray like Strepsils Soothing Throat Spray. Containing natural honey, it can also help soothe your cough as well. Spray and go.

Get some rest

Finally, getting sleep can help you fight viral infections. Sleeping helps boost your immune system. White blood cells to help fight infection increase during viral infections that cause sore throats and other related head colds; less sleep can compromise the levels of white blood cells.

Getting adequate rest is essential when fighting against sore throats.

Should the symptoms last longer than a week, be sure to contact a doctor or pharmacist.

Strepsils Soothing Throat Spray

Spray and go. Use day & night.
This is a medical device. Always read the instructions.

Strefen Honey & Lemon Lozenges

Contains flurbiprofen for fast, targeted and long-lasting relief for sore throats. Works for up to 4 hours.

This information is not intended to diagnose, in case of any doubt please consult your pharmacist or GP.

Always read the label.


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